Fiona Harris’s life was, like that of so many women, blighted by incontinence. The office manager, from Lincoln, wore pads that needed changing eight times. Her love life with husband Cliff, 57, virtually disappeared as a result of condition, but just three hours in a chair that exercises the pelvic floor has changed her life

Body Lipo Lincoln, owned by aesthetic specialist Louise White, is only one of four clinics in the country to invest in the treatment, and is committed to letting as many women as possible know about the new non-invasive treatment which has a 100% success rate.

“We would like to offer every woman in Lincolnshire who suffers with incontinence to give us a call and make an appointment to have a free consultation and a fifteen minute trial on the EMSella chair,” said Louise.

“Until this treatment came along, there was very little hope or treatment on offer and many women just suffer in silence because of the terrible stigma it carries.”

Local businesswoman Fiona Harris, who underwent the treatment earlier this year, told her heart-breaking story to the national press this week, in a bid to raise awareness and let sufferers know that help is available.

Fiona has suffered from urinary stress incontinence, a symptom of her fibromyalgia condition, for the past 10 years. Following the treatment she has gone from wearing up to six pads a day to being completely dry.

“I can wear light coloured trousers or skirts or a dress which I haven’t done since 2016. I don’t have any problem with long car journeys. My relationship has improved – I feel like I can wear a sexy nightie now and it has made a huge difference. I feel like a woman again – and it is really powerful. It has improved my quality of life 100%. I don’t have to hide everything in my handbag anymore – change of clothes and pads and all the stuff that I needed,” said Fiona.

The EMSella Chair is a discrete, non-invasive solution which simply requires the woman to sit on the chair for six, 30 minute sessions. The pelvic floor muscle is stimulated with 11,000 electromagnetic pulses in each 30-minute session, which tones the muscle beyond what anyone can achieve naturally.

“I’m so pleased for Fiona, who has been one of our clients since we opened in Lincoln. It’s great to see such success and the positive affect that it has already had on her life. Many of our clients who have just started the treatment, have already reduced their use of sanitary pads, which is fantastic to hear, and even clients who have had a 15 minute trial of the chair have been able to notice a difference, which is brilliant,” said Louise.

“Research shows that 95% of patients experienced improved quality of life, with nearly 75% of patients experiencing significantly decreased urinary leakage or achieving total dryness.*

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