New Season Boost

The start to glowing skin
With the start of a new season comes the opportunity to take the ill effects of the previous season on your skin. This luxury facial uses recovery balm to nourish and brighten the skin, a lymphatic drainage facial massage to help remove toxins, calming and soothing serums to repair at cellular level.

30mins £35 | Course of 6 £189 (save £21 when paid in full)

Advanced Pigmentation Facial

55mins to a more even skin tone
Dark, patchy pigmentation on the skins surface is likely the result of sun damage, post inflammatory hyper pigmentation caused by acne or hormonal skin ‘the mask of pregnancy’. This clinical treatment aims to improve the colour build up by breaking down existing pigment by exfoliating with lotus seed facial scrub and then a fruit enzyme mask. Retinol, specialised peptides and plant extracts target different pigment mechanisms to boost results and brighten the complexion.

55 mins £70.00 | Course of 6 £336 (save £84 when paid in full)

Age Confidence

Turn back time and reduce the visible signs of aging
Packed full of ingredients that are key players in skin anti-aging this popular treatment takes visible signs of aging caused by sun exposure and poor diets. This bespoke facial encourages ultimate cellular turnover function, reduces fine lines and wrinkles finishing with a relaxing facial massage to increase blood flow leaving you with more radiant, even toned complexion.

55mins £75 | Course of 6 £360 (save £90 when paid in full)

Deep Cleansing Clarifying Facial

Reduce Acne and help even skin tone
Oily, congested and hormonal skin will love this detoxifying treatment. This targeted facial is designed to thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate with salicylic acid followed by a detoxifying clay mask to refine, purify and draw out impurities. Targeted treatment serums containing retinol, brightening and antioxidant ingredients are then applied to enhance the absorption and boost results.

55mins £65 | Course of 6 £312 (save £78 when paid in full)

Sense and Sensitivity

Gentle hydrating soothing facial treatment
Our Alumier MD Medical Grade skincare brand provides you with the care and attention that sensitive skin types require. A moisture mask with Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B5 and shea butter plumps and hydrates the skin by drawing in moisture. For oily skin we opt for a lightweight, oil free hydrating mask to infuse hydration. Finishing off with soothing ingredients like hinokitol and Shea butter.

55mins £65 | Course of 6 £312 (save £78 when paid in full)

Pure Hydration Facial

Hydrate, plump and brighten dull skin
Dehydrated skin tends to show signs of ageing faster than well hydrated skin. This super hydrating facial aims to restore the moisture with moisture mask containing hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B5 and Shea butter. A relaxing lymphatic drainage facial massage will reduce puffiness around the eyes and neck. This is followed by targeted serums containing Vitamin E, Sunflower seed oil and Argan oil leaving skin smooth, soft and intensely hydrated.

55mins £70 | Course of 6 £336 (save £84 when paid in full)

Neck and Decollate Facial

For a firmer neck, toned and youthful toned skin
The neck and décolleté are areas that age easily because they do not have as many reparative oil glands and therefore have less elastin and much thinner tissue than the face. During your treatment we use a gentle enzyme retexturing product that combines the unique blend of fruit enzymes to exfoliate and promote skin renewal. Lifting and firming neck massage techniques are used to wake up tired ageing skin. Brightening skin enhancers and serums are then applied leaving you with smoother and rejuvenated skin.

55mins £70 | Course of 6 £336 (save £84 when paid in full)

Red Carpet Facial

Radiant Complexion on Demand
Want the wow factor in minutes? This ultimate facial combines pure relaxation with the highest level of luxury medical grade products.

To begin the skin receives a deep exfoliation enzyme peel which removes away dead skin cells from the outer layer. Radio Frequency is then used on the neck to immediately firm and tighten lax skin.

Hyaluronic Acid intense face mask is applied. This is an indulgence rich in collagen and moisture.

Finally, a peptide rich matrix sin 6 serum infusion is massaged into the face and neck. This amazing ingredient will leave your radiant for your big event.

55mins £90 | Course of 6 £ 432 (save £108 when paid in full)

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